Public Speaking

Dr. Campbell has spoken to many groups and organizations over the years covering many topics.  If you would like Dr. Campbell to speak to your group or organization please contact him here.

Some of the topics he has spoken on over the past decade include but are not limited to:
     • Overall wellness and fitness
     • Nutritional consideration for general public and corporations
     • Corporate wellness and nutrition
     • Repetitive injury
     • TMJ and Jaw pain
     • Presenter for Dental Associations
     • Presenter for Dental Hygienist Associations
     • Guest Speaker for Medical School classes on alternative and conservative care options
     • Workers Compensation and Chiropractic Care
     • Spine Conferences
     • Golf presentation
     • Sport injury prevention

Technical speaking topics for MD’s, DO’s, PT’s, DDS’s , DPM’s, NP’s,and personal trainers as well as state conventions and continuing education seminars and symposiums for various associations on a number of topics including but not limited to:
     • The role of manipulation in the scheme of conservative care
     • Safety consideration of manipulation
     • Functional chiropractic. Integrated approach to chiropractic care
     • TMD/TMJ evaluation and treatment
     • Gait and running evaluation and treatment of the lower extremity
     • Shoulder-Functional evaluation and treatment
     • Treating Carpal Tunnel and Plantar Fasciitis with conservative care
     • Treatment and evaluation of radiating pain and nerve entrapments
     • Reflex muscle activation techniques for developmental and degenerative neural diseases
        (Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Sclerosis primarily)

Contact Dr. Campbell to speak at your institute or continuing education event.

Where's Dr. Campbell?

Dr. Campbell continues to stay at the forefront of the latest techniques and evidence largely because he teaches to doctors, therapists and students around the world.  His association with the Motion Palpation Institute and National University of Health Sciences has afforded him many great experiences and humbled him to the power and importance of chiropractic care.  He has been praised for his ability to make difficult material easy to understand and implement.  His unique ability to present new and time-tested material together in an integrated way without losing sight of the essence of chiropractic care has been his strength and it is what makes Omaha Spine & Sport so unique.  Here is what people are saying about their experience at Omaha Spine & Sport and about Dr. Campbell’s unique teaching approach.

U.S. Locations:
St. Louis, MO June 2-3- Upper quarter functional assessment and treatment. MPI.
Chicago, IL July 14-15- Golf and the DC- MPI
Kansas City, MO September 22-23- Mastering Gait.- MPI

Santiago, Chile June 21-26- Functional Chiropractic Care
Bournemouth, England (UK) January 2014,-Upper Quarter Functional Assessment and Treatment.