Our Practice

PracticeOmaha Spine & Sport (OSS) was started in March, 2012 with the purpose of providing an integrated and comprehensive approach to healthcare and delivering that service with a true passion to help.  At Omaha Spine & Sport we believe that chiropractic care can help 70% of people with musculoskeletal conditions ( low back and neck pain). We want to see the other 30% because we truly believe in the integration of soft tissue release, reflex muscle activation techniques, nutritional and supplemental support, and functional rehabilitation can help those that feel they have been passed on.  OSS was started to provide care for much more than low back and neck pain. OSS was made possible by support of my amazing wife, Brooke, and my great children; Shay, Jordyn, and Draven.

Conditions Treated
     • Low back and Neck Pain
     • Thoracic spine pain
     • TMJ pain and dysfunctions related to the jaw (clicking etc.)
     • Sport injuries
     • Extremity pain and injury. Shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, and foot pain
     • Plantar fasciitis
     • Carpal tunnel
     • Golfers Elbow
     • Golf injuries
     • Myofascial pain
     • Headaches
     • Costotransverse Syndrome (rib pain)
     • Thoracic outlet syndrome
     • Entrapment Syndromes and radiating pain

Specialized Care
     • Developmental disabilities including Cerebral Palsy (CP)
     • Multiple Sclerosis
     • Dystonia and Dystonia-like syndromes
     • Parkinson’s disease
     • Pelvic Floor dysfunction
     • Breathing Related Dysfunction

*NOTE: The techniques used for these conditions often times will help with the symptoms and presentations of these disorders. In no way, does Omaha Spine & Sport claim to cure or reverse the processes of these diseases.  The combination of reflex muscle activation, manipulation (if warranted), muscle release techniques, and supplementation has been effective in managing the symptomatic presentations of these diseases.